Hey there, I love that you are here! I’m currently all booked out for project management & ghostwriting clients, yay! I’m not taking bookings for 2021, yet. Keep scrolling to find out how we can still work together to help you get your chaos conquered and find your way forward…

Learning this process will compliment and support the epicness you already have in you to move forward and past whatever decision/problem is holding you in place.


This term is how many describe the work I do. I like to think of it as taking your dream and integrating with your reality to create your way forward.

There are a handful of courses I’ve put together to cover the basics of jump-starting your online business. Click above or check the list below to see what is available.

Knowing how you are wired can help you make decisions faster and with confidence. Take the quiz to find out how you’re wired!

Gael has helped out my business to understand and conquer the world of Facebook, Branding and social media. She's extremely creative and full of outside the box ideas!! Thank you so much Gael Gilliland!
Cheri Readie
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