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Why going to a live event is important

Have you had the chance to attend a live event yet? Whether or not you have, I highly suggest you put something on your calendar before the end of the first quarter that gets you out of the house and into a group of people you have never met before. It can be as small as going to a networking meeting you have never been to before, or as big as booking a flight to another country and going to an international conference.

In 2018, when I made the commitment to myself to attend a live event that year, I had no idea what it would mean for me personally and professionally. To get there I had to get out of my comfort zone and show up for myself in a way I never had before.

How Social Media Week Lima 2018 changed my life

I am not exaggerating with this statement by the way. I absolutely feel that attending SMWL18 made all the difference in my business and in my life. The new connections I made have carried my business forward faster tha I could have imagined.

Hugging people in real life after “knowing” them for 3 threes years online, was priceless. Not ashamed to say that I went for the hugs.

SMWL18 in many ways pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to meet people I would connect with over personal and business experiences. The way Jessika Phillips, founder/organizer, put the event together, fostered meaningful relationships and paved the way for me to change my life. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

Jessika Phillips

No matter what your reasons are for getting to a live event, I can assure you, you will never be the same. When you make the choice to come to this specific event, your only limit will be your imagination.

Attending SMWL19

This summer SMWL will be back in force with a stage roster that, in my humble opinion, rivals Social Media Marketing World (completely unrelated event btw). If you haven’t bought your tickets yet for SMWL19 you can get the very special early bird rate by clicking the button…

After Jan 31 the price goes up. Never fear though, if you miss the deadline, the tickets are still totally attainable. For more info about the event, you can check out all the details here.

I personally can’t wait for summer to come so I can make the 4 hour drive to this little town in Ohio called Lima. A little town with an incredible group of people who care about the industry and want everyone to have

  • access to the experts
  • access to the tools to be successful
  • the chance to attend a stellar live event in their own backyard
  • success in their business

Thank you, Jessika, and NOW Marketing Group for creating a space where business owners, big and small, can come to network and learn from each other.

See you all soon,


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