thoughts on the work-life balance myth

Looking at my previous post this morning, I realized I had mentioned trying at attain a work-life balance. Now I know that this isn’t possible, at least not in a 50/50 way and certainly not every day. I am currently working toward finding that happy medium that will allow me to manage my household and still put in the hours for my clients without impacting my family too much. That sentence in itself is a myth as there will always be something that I am not able to put 100% in to every day. So far it hasn’t been ideal but I am learning every day and the kids have done a fantastic job working with me on everything. Having the support of your loved ones makes all the difference. Every week is different depending on what activities are going on which makes finding an evening routine that works a bit elusive. With time it should even out. Until then I am enjoying the opportunity to work at home, be here to get the kids off the bus, and stop for story time when my youngest brings me her favorite book.

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