Overcoming Blank Pages

I have a journal that I have been keeping somewhat regularly. I noticed this evening that I am beginning each entry on a new page. Blank page syndrome is real and scary just so you know. This is my daily face my fear exercise. Not wanting to admit that I have writer’s block, starting with a blank page feels like an unspoken commitment to filling the emptiness with something. A new post on this blog starts the same way, except that everyone will read it and it will be on the internet forever. That is an even more terrifying thought. As a result of this apparent stage fright I have been consistently sharing other people’s work. I know this is part of the formula for the online conversation, but so is what is in my head.

I recently started a free series of short training emails from David Boozer to help improve my blog/site as a whole. Today’s topic was short and sweet. It had to do with finding your voice in your blog and really hearing what it sounds like. David made a simple statement that resonated with me. He essentially said that you already have your voice and there is no need to look for it. Paying for courses and books and coaches won’t change the fact that your voice is who you are right now. You just have to be yourself.

So I still am not sure what my voice is (sorry David) and I have been struggling to figure out what I should be writing about. A funny thing has been happening though. My recent connections and networking has resulted in a few new clients (yay!). We are working on their content and what they should be writing about. I have lots of ideas for them of how to generate content and value. I have also been ghostwriting for clients and giving them great ideas for content. Then turning around and writing everything, no problem. Great right? Of course that is good for business. When it comes to my own site and audience however, all I have is a blank page and a hopeless feeling of trying to figure out where to go from here. Now of course I read back through this post and I no longer have a blank page. Mission accomplished for the day!

So, here’s to your blank pages, my blank pages and rising together to meet the challenge of filling them. Happy #Writing!

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