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How to create your VIP Rolodex

Oh wow, my blogging game is sooooo bad right now. I am absolutely killing it over here though, but on this site, there are virtual tumbleweeds rolling through. I wish I were joking.

So what is there to do about it except up my game?

To that end, I will be kicking off a wicked round of reviews and shout-outs and lists of all the people I’ve worked with/met/follow that are absolutely killing it when comes to anything business/marketing/online world related stuff. There are a ton of people who know way more than I do and I am sooooo excited to share them with you.

Knowing when to ask for help

Asking for help isn’t always easy for people, I know it isn’t easy for me all of the time. I am getting better at it though. One of the best times to ask for help, in my humble opinion, is when you are trying to learn something new for your business/self/and beyond. These are the times that the shortest route to success is found by asking the right people for help.

Who do you go to when you need to ask for help?

Personally, I have a list of resources that I use to help me find the right people to talk to. You can find that resource list here. It has everything ranging from business coaching to marketing and online tools.

I highly recommend starting your own resource (and referral) list early on in your business journey. Think of it as your VIP Rolodex. It can also be a collection of people who you have affiliate agreements with. That means when you refer someone and they buy, you receive some sort of compensation depending on your agreement. It is a wonderful way to support friends, other businesses, and direct buying power to companies you use and love.

Googling is one way to go when you need a subject matter expert, and obviously, it works (most of the time). But asking your network for who they recommend is a great way to keep the money closer to home and support small businesses in your community. Leveraging who is in your network also gives you credibility when it comes to recommending people. When someone asks me who I recommend, I have the name (and link if applicable) at my fingertips and ready to go.

Who can you add to your VIP Rolodex?

A sneak peek of my VIP Rolodex

Here are a few of the companies and people I keep at my fingertips…

You can get the full list here…

Keep an eye out for the next post to see who you can add to your own Rolodex!

– Gael

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