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How to create your own Low Ticket Revolution

There are a few things in this online business world that we can count on. Unrealistic promises… Being marketed to with the “get rich quick schemes”… and the chance to have your dream life on the beach. Um, yeah, no.

I first heard of this idea of the low ticket revolution from Annie Ruggles, the creator of many things, but most recently Repackage Your Brilliance. In my opinion, it is a beautiful repackaging of her own brilliance, laid out for you (and me) in a way that allows us to apply her genius to our brilliance. You don’t need to take my word for it, check it out for yourself and come back to let me know your thoughts.

What is a Low Ticket Revolution?

It’s the not so polite “no thank you” to the notion that we can only sell high ticket services and offers. Plain and simple.

I love being hired by small businesses and entreprenuers to help them problem solve and systemize their way to scaleability. This means that sometimes I’m working with people that “can’t afford me”. Now, I could walk away and not work with them and only go after high dollar clients. I could do that. But that isn’t me.

In the end, it’s my business and I get to decide who I work with regardless of the number of zeros in their bank account.

This does not mean I discount my top tier services. This means that I have options to hire me that fit within multiple budgets and doesn’t leave me feeling bitter at the end. Examples of my LTR options…

Each LTR option offers epic impact if you implement. Yes, I absolutely have services that are high touch and cost more. However, the LTR options offer everyone the opportunity to apply my genius to their brilliance.

How can you create your own LTR?

First, decide if this is something that is in line with your brand and your business mission. If you are ready and rearing to go, great!

Next, do a quick review of your services and/or products. Is there something that you are already doing that fits the LTR concept? If not, find something that does.

Finally, get yourself over to Annie’s page and make the low ticket investment to Repackage Your Brilliance.

The best part? Annie’s program will help you reframe things you already do and bring your brand back into focus. Let me know if you have any questions!


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